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Taking care of your eyes can be a Big Job, Let us help.

Did you realize ...

Nearly half of traumatic eye traumas associate with ball sporting activities

45 % of these occur in children under the age of 14

90 % of these are preventable

Polycarbonate is a lens material that is commonly used for shatter-and-impact resistant lenses, and when combined with sturdy framework products, makes for formidable eye defense.eye glasses

There are threats of sunshine and brilliant light that are tougher to getting to know; particularly, ultraviolet rays (UV) and Glare (harsh illumination). Securing your eyes from these sidetracking, also hazardous aspects is similarly vital to eye defense.

Glare is a distracting and sometimes unsafe excess of brilliant light, and can occur day or evening. Glare could induce squinting, eye fatigue, and in harsh cases, also temporary blindness.optomitrist

Do you realize ...

In daylight, glare could happen when walking indoors to outdoors, relocating from shade to sunshine, also from shown light off of areas like sidewalks or cars

At night, glare can occur from oncoming fronts lights while driving, or from brilliant reflections off of damp roads, even signs

Glare could hinder aesthetic comfort and aesthetic top quality, which could diminish healthy sight

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